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Exiled: Trail of Terrors

Quick Details


Outdoor Haunted House in Kansas City!

Exiled is a Haunted attraction (Haunted House) located in Bonner Springs, KS. Located just a few minutes from old downtown Bonner Springs at the home of ZipKC and the KC Timber Challenge. Prepare yourself for hiking through the heavy dark forest infested by our deranged freaks.

The hike will require the physical stamina to climb hills, bend, and stoop. You MUST wear closed toe shoes to enter this attraction. The woods contain hidden rocks, obstacles, bugs, animals and other hazards. We recommend kids be at least 12 years old.

Your group will be provided with small red LED lights to help you navigate the horrors waiting for you in the woods. Absolutely no flashlights, phone lights, photography or other light sources will be permitted.

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Bring close toed shoes!

To minimize wait times and avoid large crowds, we’ll be doing a timed entry again this year. When purchasing your ticket, you’ll need to pick out a date/time slot and you’ll only be allowed to be in the line during your chosen time. For example: If you sign up for the 7:00-7:25pm slot, you will be allowed to get in the line any time in that range. You will not be allowed in line before 7pm or after 7:25pm.


This is a rugged, dark trail NOT for the faint of heart. If you are scared of getting dirty, sweaty or hiking through the darkness OUTSIDE, then Exiled is not for you!